Matt W Moore has been hard at work traveling from city to city around the world painting installations, walls, & canvases. In his most recent trip he traveled to Paris and took a 1 month residency for his Exhibition titled “Gravity” at Since Upian Gallery. The new work are some of his best paintings to date. With new directions and a push into a more organic aesthetic, Matt builds upon his geometric series. We like the new direction and are intrigued to see how far he is going to take it. From the look of these canvases it looks like its going to be another amazing set of work.


“New series of (entirely spraypaint) canvas painting created during a 1-month residency in Paris. A true evolution from the purely geometric abstractions Matt has explored in his past few exhibitions : Sun Ray Ricochet (Moscow 2011) + XYZ Axis (Cincinnati 2011) + Crystals & Lasers (Paris 2010) + Parallel Universe (Sao Paulo 2009) + 20/20 (Barcelona 2008). Organic forms. Monochromatic palettes. Dynamic flow. Universal physics. Gravity.”