Polish artists Nawer and Proembrion recently participated in a group exhibition “Caly Ten Street Art” in Cracow. Both of the artists showcased some amazing new work as they continue to push the movement forward. Proembrion’s In situ mural installation showcases his talent for painting. Blending colors with geometry and fading planes Proembrion invokes clean lines with a digital aesthetic. Nawer lightens his palette and utilizes washes of white that create a minimal effect to his complex geometric canvases. Great work from both artists. Make sure you watch the video as well.


“In Krakow Gallery Art Agenda Nova, as part of the East Art Foundation project Krk: Loca (r) track,
The entire exhibition will be presented this street art. His works present the Polish artists associated with the scene of street art. Their work does not allow for an unambiguous link them with only one stream of art, because the exhibition takes a broader context for interpretation.

The purpose of the exposure is to meet the critical voices regarding transfer of street art,
assumed independent, with its natural environment – the urban space – the institution of art.
This phenomenon raises the question of whether such practices are ennobling evolution, or a crime? The exhibition, Positioning itself between these two positions, proposes a new definition presented artistic activity, which can be described by the term: post-street art. This concept is an inspiration to artists, who in his work trying to deal with this problem.

The exhibition “The whole street art” will bring together in one place the work of artists from all over the country, know their opinion on the transformation of street art, consider the roots and the boundaries of street art and the consequences of its development.”