The talented artist Roid has been killing it as of late in the studio with some amazing new works. He also has just dropped this new print “I Love Graffiti When It’s Not On My Property” in anticipation of a upcoming solo exhibition. You can get more details here at Topsafe London. Roid is a machine in more ways then one, yet he brings a fresh take on graffiti. Roid who’s walls are some of the most orginal and stylistically innovative in the game at them moment, manages to bring that same energy to his studio work. Detail upon detail he has recently mixed in some nice painterly touches. 2012 looks to be a big year for the artist already we are looking forward to his upcoming exhibition.


“The print is loosely inspired by the hypocritical view point of most graffiti writers and all the media types and companies squeezing graffiti for everything its worth.”