This post is long overdue, but we are attemptingĀ  to get caught up slowly but surely. Mark Lyken recently finished a residency at Recoat Gallery. The residency was celebrated with a Solo Exhibition titled “The Loneliness machines”.

With an installation, a new mural, a soundtrack, and numerous new paintings Mark Lyken’s exhibition was one to remember. Bursting color set in clouds of white. Color appearing then disappearing into a fog. Mark brings a subtle yet effective use of geometry and texture. Pulsating circles and clean rhythmic lines build a abstract dialogue much in the same manner Mark builds his music. When viewing the work and listening to his soundtrack you are able to interpret the work in a more cohesive way. The listening station installed in the gallery with the soundtrack is a great way to open your eyes, or ears to Lykens work. Our favorite part of the exhibit is the new paintings. With this new body of work Mark has found his rhythm hitting on every beat. He perfectly blends his past work with new tendencies breaking into new territory. An amazing group of work if you were lucky enough to see it in person we envy you. If you are in Glasgow you might be able to see it at Recoat before it is taken down.