Gilbert1 will be exhibiting in Paris this month at La Friche. The exhibit titled “No Borders” is part of an ongoing series of exhibitions curated by The PhotoGraff Collective. Gilbert1 has been a force in the streets of Paris for years. An abstract and honest style, His insitu street installations are amazing. Working mostly in abandoned areas and the streets these installations have been some of his greatest work to date. It is only natural that Gilbert1 would utilize that same energy that he has become known for and transitioned it into a exhibit. Much like stumbling upon a masterpiece in the ruins of abandoned scenery. Gilbert1’s new installation evokes the aura and texture of the streets. Utilizing found material and impermanent cardboard the artist sculpts and paints for the moment. If you are in France make sure you dont miss this exhibit. And if your not we hope to have a update soon. Pictures courtesy of the PFC.