Mark Lyken has a upcoming Solo Exhibition at Recoat Gallery in Glasgow Scotland. The show will be titled “The loneliness Machines”. Here is a quick teaser video and brief description of the show below.



“The Loneliness Machines. Throughout January Lyken has been Resident at Recoat Gallery, creating a series of original paintings & building an installation for his first solo exhibition.

The show will consist of a series of new works which he describes as “Abstract Meditations on the Digital World.

As our interactions and communications become progressively more mediated and facilitated by technology, our connections to one another seem increasingly fragile. As we become increasingly connected through personal technology and social networks are we becoming alienated from each other and ourselves?”

Lyken is creating a mural, a sculptural & video piece and composing a piece of music in the space.

The music will be available for free download from Gamma Proforma from the opening onwards ( lonelinessmachines ).

The exhibition will open 7-10pm on 10th February and run 12-6pm Tues to Sun till 4th March.”