The talented Marco Pho Grassi has been in the studio working on some monumental new work. Portions of the work will be part of a private collection in Washington D.C. Marco Pho Grassi works not only in paint but also in texture and atmosphere. His paintings are built as much as they are painted through numerous layers and textures. A master at manipulating paint and creating powerful paintings Marco Pho Grassi is a force to be reckoned with. With roots in graffiti and coming from a family with a deep art history, Grassi carries the torch of modern abstract expressionism with a new narrative. “First of all any possible misunderstandings must be cleared. Grassi’s choice of expression must not merely be cataloged under the word “painting”: his fondness for certain simple and “used” materials should not be labelled “postdadaism”; his energetic stroke shouldn’t be limited to a non-figurative heritage. His references are not purely pictorial, but also pictorial. For instance, his way of creating movement on the surface by applying signs is a clear recall of oriental ideogramic writing, explicit above all in the manner of a recurring “tag”, which works as a signature: like a seal it’s not simply an abstract motif, but it’s a kind of “logo” made of the signature “PHO”. And there’s more. These elements are not sufficient to outline the range of expression which this style of painting is part of, or rather, the poetic humus from which it is born.” all pictures courtesy of the artist and G.Arienti