Ok, where do I start? First we’ll start by saying thank you to each and every one that supported or contributed to us this year, It’s been one to remember for sure. Trying to make sense of it all could take more than one post but we’ll do our best.

We featured the work of almost 60 new artists and covered countless walls and shows. We successfully engaged the community and initiated a dialogue about Graffiti and Art in our series “The Evolution of Graffiti” Part 1 and Part 2. We showcased talent from some of our featured artists in the group show “Rudimentary Perfection” in Glasgow. We interviewed some of the worlds top contemporary artists. We successfully curated and held our first Group Mural Installations at Art Basel Miami with “In situ“. What is most important is that we couldn’t have done all this if the support and response wasn’t positive from everyone in the community.


Graffuturism has been read and visited from 150 Countries this year, USA to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, wherever that may be. We thank you. Not that the numbers mean anything to us. What is more important is that we have accomplished goals that what we set out to do. Not only did we accomplish some of these goals but have far exceeded anything we could imagine. For us to be able to touch and reach this many people by doing something we love means a lot. I wont get too sentimental but 2011 was an enormous year for us as a whole. Each and every one of these countries means the world to us. Our goal is to try to feature artists from as many countries as we can in 2012.

I can go in depth about more what this year has meant to us, instead I look towards the current state of our community blogs, galleries, curators, artists, writers, supporters etc, etc. One of the major if not the main reason we started this site was to fill a gap or void we felt was missing from the community. With so much emphasis put on other art forms, Graffiti seemed to be lost or grouped in to so many other genres. Now as I look around it seems that things are slowly changing, and for the better. More artists are being blogged about, published, or showing in a galleries. This might seem like a victory but it’s only a beginning. We have known the importance of all of you artists for some time and the struggle to continue to push forward. We salute each and every one of you. Its great to see so many of you artists gain recognition and the respect you have always deserved. We know in 2012 we will continue to see the rise of artists and our supporters.

Instead of a list or a best of, we decided to make a request. We ask and look forward to watching this dialogue and evolution of graffiti continue. We hope that all the blogs out there, the publishers, the writers, the poets whatever it is you do – pay attention. Help us create a written record/response to our visual art. Without proper commentary and discourse we cannot continue to grow. Quick write ups and beautiful pictures are great but we need more. What is taking place deserves not only the documentation by photography, its needs proper written accompaniment. We’re not asking or saying to not have a subjective response to the artwork. We only ask for you to, if you don’t understand, take time to learn. Ask questions and help us build. What would you have asked Rammellzee if he were still alive? What would you have asked Dondi? Why are these people important to our culture? We must realize that if we don’t understand we need to push forward towards a common understanding. What words of wisdom would our modern masters say. What do they have to teach us. We live and are witnessing a graffiti renaissance, take the time -as we will- in 2012 to listen and learn. Lets build together.

We wish everyone a Happy and Safe New Years 2012.



2011 Design MWM