Sambre and Lek recently collaborated on a new Installation in Paris. Thanks to Thias we were able to get some quality pictures of the new exhibit. The two French artists draw upon their skills of public installations and take their exhibit indoors. Staying true to their roots the two build and weave an immense sculpture, wrapped in shadows and black and white geometric paint. The cast shadows create another layer of geometric space reflecting off the Sphere of found material. Heavy black linear lines of paint, reminiscent of there street pieces interweave with the shadows. A wrapping and weaving effect is created. The duo utilizes the space well as the walls and light create an immensely layered interactive installation. It is this underground DIY feel that adds to the ambiance of the work as a whole. An amazing installation that hits the mark on all points, Sambre and Lek create a memorable piece of Art. All pictures courtesy of Thias.