Pose and photographer Kc Ortiz exhibited at Known Gallery in a recent show titled “White wash”. Thanks to Carlos Gonzalez once again we are able to share some great pictures of the show with you. Pose a talented artist, who you might be familiar with his amazing graffiti murals and recent studio work. Kc Ortiz a former graffiti artist turned photographer also exhibited alongside Pose.

Pose’s work Immediately hits you with a powerful color palette abstract in nature yet composed of representational imagery. There is no denying Pose’s talent and skills as a painter. Even in his graffiti pieces he has always been able to show a high ability to represent and depict his ideas. With this recent group of work he shows a more rendered and personal side. Coming from Chicago a city notorious for its extreme graffiti laws and Buff, Pose takes this as an inspiration to some of the work for White Wash. The reoccurring theme of buff marks and painted texture give way to color. Creating chaotic scenes of cartoons, letters, signs and landscapes. Pose pushes back. This collage of imagery takes us back to moments of inspiration as young graffiti writers looking at the world with rose colored glasses, before the buff took its toll on our creative spirit. Pose is able to tell a story in the new work with a positive spin, allowing the viewer to recognize and appreciate that struggle. Great work from Pose.

Kc Ortiz exhibits alongside Pose bringing a stark contrast from the color. His black and white photography with images of lost or undocumented parts of the world bring another layer to the show. Strong photographs of soldiers, village scenes and secluded landscapes lost from society by location or by choice are captured in time and frame. Kc’s ability to capture these moments and people is a testament to not only his skills as a photographer, but his dedication and belief in the need to document them. Very moving photographs.

As a whole another outstanding show from Known Gallery. Pose and Kc Ortiz showcase again the ability for graffiti to be an origin and inspiration for artists to push into new mediums.