After last years solo exhibition from Augustine Kofie at White Walls Gallery San Francisco we weren’t sure if he could out do such a great and complete show as last year. Some of the work from last year is still being digested and interpreted. One year removed Augustine Kofie recently exhibited in his second solo exhibition at White Walls Gallery. This show titled “Circulatory System” in our opinion is Kofie’s most comprehensive to date. Featuring almost 40 new works including an insitu installation that puts the exclamation point on the exhibition.

We have gone into great detail in the past about the importance of Kofie’s work and its relevance to the overall direction of our culture. Circulatory system cements Kofie’s importance in today’s contemporary scene.  Kofie has already established himself as a revered and respected fine artist for some time, but he can no longer only be seen as a successful graffiti artist who has made the transition into fine art. Not that is a bad thing, but the point being he has transcended any label of origin with the creation of his unique and original paintings. With this show we can see a very clear and prominent view of a contemporary master who continues to separate himself from the pack.

Viewing the work of Kofie in person you are able to examine and decipher all the numerous surfaces and intricate details. Process and a systematic approach might seem like the furthest form of abstract. It is only through this structured approach that Kofie finds his rhythm. Vintage futurism. Movement that wears the clothes of yesterdays thrown out and discarded symbols. Kofie weaves lines with visual textures of ephemera. Pulling from the past he creates strong compositions formed by  a mixture of medias. Spray paint, silkscreen printing, drafting, brushwork, collage, gel transfers. Kofie cuts and samples like a musician might sample music. Kofie’s music is of the visual kind, clean nostalgic and perfectly in rhythm.

Circulatory System was a tremendous success as a show as well as a testament to just how important Kofie has become in the world of contemporary art. Beyond a label, an artist who know matter what genre you associate him with is a living master. Pay close attention, appreciate  and collect what you can. Kofie will continue his rise towards any goal he sets for himself. Make sure you get to San Francisco White Walls Gallery before the show is over. You will love the work, we did.