El Mac will be dropping some new prints tomorrow Nov 22 at Moon Editions. The print titled “Prayer” will be released at a random time and feature 3 colors to choose from in editions of 9,29, & 39. The print was based upon a painting for the Modern Masters show that took place earlier this year. El Mac a true Modern Master, represents the essence of our artform in its most beautiful form. We suggest not sleeping on this print as Mac isnt known produce too many prints and saturate the market with edition after edition. An amazing print that should be in your collection.

Also make sure to watch the video just released documenting El mac’s recent installation at the Montana Colors Factory in Barcelona Spain. Pictures courtesy of Montana Colors.  It was a big year for El Mac. It seemed he just kept painting bigger and bigger, taking the artform to the extreme. Monumental Murals and respect as a true Modern Master El Mac continues to lead the way for the next generation of our culture. Respect. Pictures courtesy of El Mac.