Here are some preview images of new work From Jaybo Monk. Jaybo Monk will be invading the Gold Coast of Australia with a Solo Show at 19 Karen Contemporary titled “Sur Faces”.

Looking over the work it would seem that Jaybo has painted some of his best paintings to date. A colorful palette with strong imagery. The juxtaposition of his figurative work with new found geometric shapes build a perfect mix of his styles. We are only envious of those that will be able to see and touch these pieces in person as there is only so much a camera can capture. This is especially the case with the work of Jaybo, where detail and as the title suggests Sur faces is where the real magic happens. This is why we suggest if your in Australia make the trip to see this show. Here is a quote from the artist below.


“I am based on spray paint… I counter this with the intense work on surfaces to recreate the wall atmosphere, using wall plaster and bitumen. I add some abstract effect with acrylic, and sometimes use the dirt I find in my studio,”