We were lucky enough to receive some preview images from Augustine Kofie’s upcoming Solo Show in San Francisco. The show titled “Circulatory System” will be Kofie’s second solo show at White walls gallery. Kofie will be showing almost 30 new works ranging from collage on paper, hand pulled screen prints, wood assemblages, paintings and a new wall installation in situ.

Looking over the preview images and knowing that Kofie does not play when it comes to work getting ready for a show it is safe to say Circulatory System will be a show you will not want to miss. With a wide range of media being involved in the show, it is only fitting that Kofie integrate music.  An assemblage of music mixed and looped builds a base and introduction to Circulatory System. Make sure you take a listen on the above link or download it here.

We will leave our commentary on the show and its work for final recap. Till then enjoy these sneak preview pictures and make sure you make the opening. We leave you with a quote from the artist about the work for the upcoming exhibit.


“Circulatory System is a play on words to describe a particular painting and collage direction in my works. To me the classic circle form brings a balance to my heavily structural design directions or systems in this case. The circle form gives the works a type of framework, a sort of control that they need every so often in order to counter the movement of layers. This encompassing effect can play as a magnifying glass to this work, a capture within a capture, an orbit of counterbalanced line work and shapes clashing in harmony.

There is also the concept of Circulatory referring to the re-circulation of both found imagery and ephemera into the system, both vintage as well as recent. The dissemination of these discarded segments of the past reexamined through integration via these new works.”