Jaybo Monk, Remi Rough, Marco Pho Grassi as well as 7 other artists took part in the group exhibition “For, Against, the Truth” curated by Stormie Mills at L&K Galery in Perth / Australia. Glad to see 3 of our favorite artists exhibit some new work.  Amazing work guys everyone killed it. Here is a brief summary of the show below.



“Artists Remi Rough (London), John Fekner (NYC), Kenton Parker (Los Angeles), Jaybo Monk (Berlin), Matt Doust (Perth), Marco ‘Pho’ Grassi (Milan), Jade Palmer (Melbourne), Jon One (Paris), Amanda Lynn (San Francisco), Darren Henderson (Melbourne), and Jordan Seiler (NYC) were asked to consider the premise that there are three sides to every story, responding to the brief of Perth artist and curator Stormie Mills with an exhilarating collection of fresh, contemporary works in a very special exclusive for Western Australian viewers.

Whilst all of the participating artists initially arose within the street art or graffiti scene, Mills points out that they now considered some of the foremost, respected visual artists of their generation, and goes on to state, “Being able to bring such amazing talent to Perth is a long held dream of mine, and I am so very proud that my friends, heroes and contemporaries have agreed to join with me to make this happen.”

The conceptual genesis of the exhibition came to Mills over a period of time while contemplating the notion of self, our thoughts about our selves and how these thoughts may contrast with the ways that others may view us, be they close friends, family, lovers or people we merely pass by in our lives. “Once these ideas started forming in my brain, I started to think about who my ‘dream team’ for such an exhibition might be and luckily for me, they have accepted. I’m honoured that these incredible artists have all agreed to work with me on this project and bring something that I believe is truly special, to Perth.”