We knew a moment like this was coming for the twin Duo that is How and Nosm. A defining moment, How and Nosm’s show titled “Achtung” took place at Known gallery last week. It is hard to say anymore than we have already said about the twins as we have written many times the importance of their work. We will try.

How and Nosm given the blank canvas of Known Gallery chose to bring all the tools in their belt for “Achtung”. Achtung German for attention establishes right away the duo’s intention to directly engage the viewer. Large Scale canvases, sculptural installations, to intricate drawings the duo brought an intense and massive scope of work. If you are familiar with the Mural work of How and Nosm you might be familiar with their current style. True to the title of the show “Achtung” the twins palette choice is a direct and deliberate grab for your attention. They have recently been working in black, red and white palette for some time, and in this show it was no different. The twins have also been able to work as a cohesive unit while creating these works together. Their new work has transitioned into one form with four hands and 2 brains. It is the only way I can explain how this amount of detail can be done in such a fast amount of time. Working as a team How and Nosm are able to create a singular idea, that only upon deeper gazing can you see their own identities.

Choosing to work in a palette that enhances the detail and establishes a powerful yet direct image. How and Nosm counter the direct imagery by building textured stenciled elements that soften your eyes gaze. The movement created through the constant push and pull from image to background remind me of the characteristics of a graffiti piece. Although the twins are narrating a story in images, it is hard to hide their origins  and history of the letter form. The flow and balance is my favorite part of the work. Pushing past these elements you are now able to decode the imagery that moves from character based linear drawings, to detailed organic elements. Soft yet with an edge.

The German twins born in Spain and currently residing in New York are world travelers. They have recently spent time in Latin America and across Europe. It is hard to pin down a style or a certain influence from the twins. It seems that in the true idea of modernism or now postmodernism, they are one and all. A reflection of their travels, influences, and experiences across the globe. The momentum has been building for the artists for some time. With this exhibit “Achtung” we are all witness to a pinnacle in their art. A peak of true modern masters.¬† I have no doubt we will be able to witness many more, but till then enjoy greatness while you can at Known Gallery.

all pictures courtesy of Carlos Gonzalez