Matt W. Moore recently finished a residency in Moscow Russia where he painted and prepared for “Sun Ray Ricochet” an exhibition that was part of Sretenka Design Week. Inspired by the city of Moscow and its dynamic range of color and experience, Matt painted 15 canvases. Half of the canvases were in grey scale, the other half in full color. Matt also was able to build and paint 17 geometric sculptures during his stay. He also was able to get in some walls of course. If you know Matt you know when he comes to work he comes with everything, and gives everything. Being able to paint this much work in one trip is no small task.

The new sculptures painted in his geometric style are my favorite from this new group of work. Matt’s work transitions well into sculpture as the shapes push and reflect creating that illusion of movement. The shifts in color and linear color fields create a dynamic effect of movement with stillness. The sculptures add another layer of dimension that enhances his painterly style. The grey scale paintings and mural are a nice contrast to all the color as they enable your eye to grasp the form without falling in love with the color. Really impressed with the intricacy of the full color pieces. We really like progression of these works, as it seems Matt has found a nice rhythm in his work and these pieces are proof of that fact.

Matt continues to innovate and push not only his art but the art form itself. An amazing showing from Matt W. Moore as he continues to make his nameĀ  known around the world. Moscow was lucky to have had this exhibition, and If you live near Moscow make the trek. I know you will love the work more when you see it in person.