Check out this amazing new Mural by the French Crew Da Mental Vaporz. Avec, Dran, Bom K, Sowat, Kan, Brusk, Blo, Gris, and Jaw painted this Massive multi-story building as part of the Crimes of Minds Event. DMV continues to show the world the diversity and scope that graffiti can entail. In this mural each artist using their own individual styles yet cohesively being able to bring it all together in one image. Narrative in nature yet being able keep in line with their roots of graffiti. Immensely talented Da Mental Vapors again impresses and stands tall amongst the diverse group of other artists painting. We have said it before. Watch out for the DMV’s  as they keep their momentum going, we are sure there will be new major projects in the works soon. Special thanks to Morac19 for the pictures.