Here are pictures from Alex One’s Recent Solo exhibition at David Bloch Gallery. Alex One  paints an abstract fantasy world filled with characters and colorful patterns. The large scale work stands strong with intricate compositions of cartoon figures that flow throughout the paintings. Solidified by reoccurring patterns, the fantasy world seems grounded by these balancing elements of  motifs. Abstract scrawling and graffiti influenced strokes create nice movement to the pieces. All around an impressive showing from Alex One.  Alex One plants himself as a rising contemporary graffiti artist who has transcended his street work into powerful large scale paintings. If you live near Morocco you might want to take some time and go see this impressive show in person.Here is a brief summary of from the Gallery below.


“Like his name the last three letters betray his past of been a tagger,  the work of Alëxone is marked by the indelible mark of graffiti. He became known in the early 90s with his “oediperies” he realizes in the streets , that combine graffiti, and purified calligraphy.

Even now he seems to move away, there is always the stigma of the street in his work. She taught him what is not taught in art school and his work is even more rich.  Over the years, Alëxone has developed a colorful fantasy world, populated by strange animals and characters which he pushes to the extreme deformity. His work is meticulous and detailed, the result of a regular and sustained.”