15 International Artists were invited to paint in the City of Niort in France for the first edition of “Le 4eme Mur“. Winterlong Gallery organized the event bringing She One, O.Two, Mr Jago, Kid Acne, Ema, St Bres, Dane, Fors, Repaze, Spektr, Sair, 1Fekt, Rios, 1Dely, Irma, and Piotr. Judging by the walls the artists had a free run at the walls as each artist was able to paint multiple pieces. Rockgroup brought the heat as well as Mr Jago painting his signature expressionistic graffiti style. The collaboration walls from Repaze, Spektr, Saïr, Dane also impressed, strong abstract geometric walls. Nice texture and just and just enough action painting to go with the geometrics. Very impressed. Pictures courtesy of the Le 4eme Mur Tumblr.



“Organized by: City of Niort and Winterlong Gallery.

The 4th Wall is a term used in the theater that defines the imaginary wall located between the actors and the public.
By applying an expression context creation murals, graffiti and derivatives, we want to make the real wall, the painted walls are considered an artistic expression screen freezing, led the creators to the public.”