“Issac ‘WEST’ Rubenstein presents Freedom Suite a collection of his new paintings at Environment in Los Angeles today. 8126 Beverly Blvd from 7pm-10pm.

In his new paintings WEST delves deeper into linear abstraction and expressionism to produce some of the most ambitious and unique post graffiti paintings today. Though not literal in its relationship to graffiti the works express the gestures and rhythms closely associated to his memories as a writer. But as Freedom Suite suggests there is a detachment from the formal constraints found in his traditional graffiti art as well his early abstract expressionistic work.

Looking at the paintings over time you slips into the subconscious journey of his line and the emotional weight of his painting where one moves through temperate stages not just in tonal values but with aggressive brush strokes and graphic lines throughout.

Based on a theory of style writing and action painting the works also show his ability to cake history in layers in to these new works. I find them inspired by heritage in some part and in a greater part his way of extending it.”

West One will be showing a series of work titled “Freedom Suite” in LA tonight at Environment. I know we are a little late to post this but we just got some preview images courtesy of 12ozprophet.com and a nice put slideshow from Mare 139’s Blog. If your in Los Angeles and not making this show you will be missing out. West is one of those hidden Gems of our culture who’s graffiti has lead him into new directions. West’s abstract paintings and large scale abstract murals stand tall in scale as well as significance. Making marks on canvas his fluid lines encapsulated in soothing washes of color create beautiful paintings. True to form of his history West works interlocking and overlapping lines in the same manner he might have done on a wall. Utilizing the background and some filled negative space West creates a powerful image and style. We are looking forward to seeing the images from the complete set of works. Here is a brief commentary on the work from Mare.