Greg LaMarche currently has an exhibit at Known Gallery titled “I can see for Miles”. Greg also showcased an Insitu installation as part of the exhibition. Greg Lamarche exhibited some of his signature and beautifully crafted handcut collages. Juxtaposed typography balanced and composed against white backdrops and bright color fields, his work impresses. Greg composes his pieces in a very precise manner, yet leaves a nice resemblance of chance. By creating a sense of foundation, yet still being able to establish a rhythm in his work he is able to utilize some fundamental graffiti principles. You might not be able to view them on the surface at first, but if you pay attention they are there. We have been a big fan of Greg’s Graffiti for a long time. It was nice to see his black and white wall installation incorporate some of those elements. The Insitu Installation was my favorite part of the exhibit. Being able to say so much with so little is the strength of Greg’s work. We also liked some of the New more abstract works alot. Overall Greg was able to showcase a nice mixture of work hitting on all his strengths as an artist. We like the direction of Greg’s recent work, his impact not only on graffiti but on the contemporary art scene is huge right now. Great Job. Thank you to Carlos Gonzalez for the Pictures.