INSIDE from Gilbert1 on Vimeo.

Artist’s like Gilbert1 are one of the reasons this blog exists. I first ran across pictures of French artist Gilbert1’s work randomly on Flickr and some other European graffiti sites. I would try to get more information about the artist or find more work but never got far. Like alot of Graffiti artists that actively paint in the streets, finding more information about the artist proved to be difficult. Glibert1’s work immediately stood out to me. The rawness and authenticity of gilbert1’s Insitu Murals left me wanting to see more. Gilbert1 is a painter with a spraycan, utilizing paint and harsh and uncut lines the artist embraces the texture. There are graffiti writers that paint art, and there are graffiti writers who live and breathe it in everything they do. The latter is the rarer, and Gilbert1 is the definition of a that graffiti artist. From tags to rollers, to pieces Gilbert1 delivers a unique and genuine style. Looking at his installation type murals I knew his canvas work would be just as relevant. After seeing his canvases for the first time I cant decide which I like better now his walls or his paintings. Writers like Gilbert1 who gain the respect of the street, deserve to be recognized. Im not going to get into the the street art rant, but I will say that people should have been paying attention along time ago. As graffiti continues to become a buzzword and galleries and media start to eat up the culture. I can only hope they give some shine to some of the deserved artists such as Gilbert1. We are glad that through the site we were able get in touch with Gilbert1 and can share his work with you in this artist feature, and in future updates as well. Make sure you watch his time lapse video also intense is the word. Respect