If you are in San Francisco make sure to check out “Fast Forward” which includes new work from Sueme, Poesia, Jaybo Monk, Mike Bam, Suiko and Robz at 1am Gallery. Here are some Images from the opening and detail shots of some of the work that was exhibited. Titled Fast Forward the exhibit asked the question, what would graffiti look like in the distant future. The artists were chosen based upon the progressive nature of their work. Having in common a graffiti background the artists have all been able to elevate and evolve their work to a new point of reference in this show. The vast contrast of styles, from figurative to abstract was this shows strength. Jaybo Monk shows us the perfect balance between figure and form, geometry and composition. In his painting walking silence Jaybo twists our perception of space with rotating portraits and silhouettes creating the imperfect perfection that we love. Japanese artist Suiko blends color with organic shapes based on his letter forms. His motion of line and clear rendering of color create some very strong pieces. When looking towards the future Poesia first takes us back with new paintings from his reinterpretations of old masters series. His detailed and rendered Old master paintings surrounded by geometric forms and color build a dialogue with the viewer allowing them to contemplate first the past before looking at the future. Solidifying the idea of color and form Poesia correlates the relationships of graffiti with that of arts forgotten masterpieces. Sueme builds space with shape, or the lack there of it. In his triangular geometric pieces Sueme has added some nice texture and an atmospheric feel that compliments the structured mass of triangles. Really like this new addition to his work. The show was curated by Mike Bam who also was showing some highly detailed canvases. His work focused on a futuristic look at what graffiti might look like in tomorrows world, complex and angular lines pulled together by great use of color. Overall this exhibit delivered and we look forward to seeing more work from all the artists involved. You can see more pictures here. Thanks to Scott La Rockwell for all pictures.


“It is an exciting time for the graffiti scene. Walls are being taken down and boundaries are being pushed beyond their limits… This evolution is fusing old with new school, graffiti with fine art. An innovative and fresh art form is emerging that has collectors and fans asking for more.

1AM and curator, Mike Tyau, are pleased to present “Fast Forward”, a group exhibition that captures the progressive evolution of spray can a…rt. The collection includes works from Jaybo Monk from Germany, Suiko from Japan, Sueme from Canada and Poesia, Robz, and Bam from the Bay Area. In the past year, 1AM has showcased graffiti’s roots with the exhibition “The Classics” and present form with “Outside In”. “Fast Forward” is a journey into the future and an imagining of what graffiti as an art form can and will be. Immersed in the experimental, this exhibition aims to excite and surprise fans, artists, and collectors, alike, of the controversial medium’s progression.”