If you are in Germany make sure to check out Zedz new Exhibition “Plan Ma-tic” at Gallery Ruttkowski68. Here are some preview images from some of the work that will be on display. If you haven’t read out interview with Zedz you can do so here. Zedz is an Amsterdam based artist who’s mediums span from graffiti, design, sculpture and fine art. A very talented artist that is able to bring new perspectives to whichever medium he chooses to work in. Here is an excerpt that describes the work of Zedz “The works are almost always typography based and could be seen as a constant quest to develop new ways of presenting his name, by doing so he is creating typography that is expressive and playful and deals more with rhythm, shape and dimensionality then the importance of the read-ability though letters are always the firm base of the work. Zedz works in multiple disciplines; painting, graffiti, computer from graphic to 3D object. The work can differ in size and appearance; from drawings to miniatures and scale models to monumental paintings and objects as well controlling and doing art direction of/on larger scale projects.”. Looks like it will be a great show.