We were able to head over to the Cukui store and check out Samuel Rodriguez put the finishing touches on the work for his First upcoming Solo Exhibit titled “You Me We”. Sam has been doing some amazing art for a long time now not only, locally but internationally. A true artist who knows no medium he cant put his craft to. From building bikes, design, graffiti Sam aka Shorty Fatz has focused his attention towards painting recently. He has been in the studio working on a installation for his solo show at Cukui. Cukui and Shorty Fatz will also be releasing a limited edition T shirt at the opening. If you want to get familiar with Sam he just recently was interviewed by Acclaim magazine. Here is also a little excerpt about the show.


ABOUT THE EXHIBTION: This will be the first solo display of works by artist Samuel Rodriguez. The exhibit explores the art, style and movement of communication through letters, and facial gestures. Emphasis will be placed on the concept of co-dependency in language, the artist will form a word, and exaggerate the characteristics of the letters, and portraits that make it up. Website: www.shortyfatz.com ABOUT SAMUEL RODRIGUEZ Samuel Rodriguez currently lives in San Jose, CA where he works as a graphic designer and illustrator for Cukui Clothing. He also owns Shortyfatz, a small design house that specializes in lettering. Some of his most recent works are massive permanent public art installations for the Los Angeles Metro Authority, and the City of San Jose. Samuel first became serious about art through graffiti at the age of eleven. During this time and years after, his favorite aspect of graffiti was tagging because of the instantaneous expression one can execute from it. Since then, he has expanded on this interest with more emphasis on typography itself. His work integrates elements of life expressions, and gestures of his past and present. He views his process as one in which he absorbs and releases. His goal as an artist is to create a visual collage of his interpreted reality, through the gestures of stylized letters, faces, scenes, and shapes. EXHIBITION DETAILS Shortyfatz X Cukui T-Shirt Release Special Performances by: Rey Resurreccion DJ Cutso (The Bangerz) Squareweezy (The Bangerz) “You, Me, We” by Samuel Rodriguez Friday,

August, 12th 2011 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Show Runs Through Wednesday, September 21st
Cukui Clothing
229 Jackson Street San Jose, CA 95112
p: 408.899.2768 e: info@cukui.com