Its easy for us to get caught up in all the rules and regulations of graffiti, and if you been here awhile you would know that we don’t worry much about those things. We truly have a deep respect for the tradition of our culture, but not at the cost of progressing. We feel every artist should always try to build a foundation first, but they shouldn’t stop there. We feel like a foundation is stability for growth and without growth were bound to lose focus on evolving. I’m not trying to preach or ruffle any feathers, but when we look at today’s progressive artists. Its hard not to hear all the negativity associated with breaking from the norm. When we think about an artist that is clearly evolving and pushing some serious technical boundaries, yet mixing in some old school flavor with his use characters. Bonzai comes to mind. I grew up in the West Coast looking up to legends like Hex, Slick, Mear, and others that had mastered the colorful rendered characters. It has become at times a lost art form now. So much hate was spit upon artists that only rocked characters that it forced some to give up on them completely. Its good to see Bonzai not only painting some wild and intricate burners, but its also great to see his amazing characters. Bonzai is a super skilled writer utilizing today’s paint and techniques to really capture what is possible with the spray can. With energy, color and masterful can control, Bonzai is currently creating some of today’s best walls. Here is a brief bio on Bonzai.


“Bonzai first got into Graffiti when the first wave of hip-hop hit the UK shores in the mid 80’s. He has been living and working in London for the past 10 years, since moving to London he took it upon himself and see where he could take the art form. At the turn of 2010 he totally switched it up and set himself a target of painting as many pieces as possible in a totally new style. Meeting and painting with like minded artists mixed with not being afraid to try new ideas and unusual colour schemes, he found his niche. Bonzai is constantly pushing himself and his work to new levels and strives to make every piece more complex,colourful and a progression from the last. For updates check