Revok posted a couple of studio and sneak peak images from the upcoming exhibition at Known Gallery “Perseverance” featuring Revok, Rime, and Roids. Im sure most of you are familiar with the graffiti of this trio, but what most of you might not be aware that these guys are truly stepping things up in their art game. Roids has been on fire stylistically for awhile, creating a very unique and modern look with his graffiti. This is the first time personally that we have seen any images of his paintings. From what we can see he doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to transitioning his work to canvas. Rime seems to be working on some next level interpretations of his characters. Creating some of the most detailed and intricate works to date Rime looks to be bringing it. Rime’s work builds a nice contrast, and bridge between the other artists. Revok is one of the most prolific and all around kings of our generation of graffiti. Watching him grow over the last couple of years, and transition that energy into so many projects has been a treat. Its good to see his artwork being showcased next to not only crew members but also members that understand and take the art form serious. We were blown away by Revok’s work last year in Miami at the graffiti gone global show. It looks like he is continuing, and building upon that group of work. Large scale sculptural pieces made from found and painted material, melded into a powerful work of art. His abstract collage paintings are also intense, packed with nice texture and vivid color. We are really looking forward to this show if you are anywhere close to Los Angeles make sure to stop by and support.