We introduce Russian Artist Alexey Luka, based  in Moscow. I had seen walls from Alexey in the past while browsing the interweb, but I had yet to come across his site. I had only been able to see nothing more than a wall at a time. After looking over his flickr I was able to get a better grasp of his work as a whole.

Working in a colorful palette Alexey is able to fuse organic shapes with geometrical compositions seamlessly. The solid fields of color are broken down into abstract forms yet they still remain recognizable. A nice mix of style and mediums going on here. His design work is very appealing as well with crisp and clean curs similar to the direction of ‘Hard Edge’ painting with a focus on solid color plays. Alexey is able to transition very well from design to canvas to a vertical surface which seems natural but it is harder than it looks and he makes it look easy. His assembalge works are personally my favorite, a nice contrast to the design work.

Looking forward to more from Alexey in the future.