Chor Boogie has been a busy man as of late curating exhibits, and being showcased in numerous shows and events around the globe. I have wanted to feature some of Chor’s work for some time now. I was finally able to get a hold of some action and progress pictures from his upcoming Exhibit at the Torrance Art Musuem. He will also be showing one of my favorite paintings by Chor “Silver Queens of the Romantic White Tiger”. This piece was actually one of the first paintings I seen from Chor, besides walls he had painted in San Francisco. It is as powerful today as the first day I saw it. A true contemporary master. Be sure to check this out if you are in the area.


“Opening Saturday, July 16th, is Torrance Art Museum’s (TAM) Baker’s Dozen III, their annual survey of “artists to watch.” This third iteration of the series continues the tradition of providing a snapshot of contemporary avenues of exploration seen in Los Angeles.

Torrance Art Museum Curator, Max Presneill shares insight into his selection of Chor as the only urban artist in this exhibition: “When I saw Chor Boogie’s work at the L.A. Art Show, I felt it bridged the gap between the low brow street aesthetic and the contemporary art world, and created discourse within the two. It is bright, vibrant, physical, and powerful. I feel his work is one of the best things to be seen at this moment in time.” He goes on to describe the show as reflecting the zeitgeist of the times, and trends of artistic presence across the board.”

Baker’s Dozen III
Opening reception
Saturday, July 16th,
6 – 9pm
Torrance Art Museum
3320 Civic Center Drive
Torrance, CA 90503