I was able to pry some sneak shots away from some of the artists exhibiting In Rudimentary Perfection a Group show at Recoat Gallery in Glasgow. This show means alot to me personally as well as the site. As the statement below states it is the first time a Gallery has taken action to showcase and feature an Idea, and the attempt to document the evolution and progression of Graffiti “Graffuturism”. I wish I could say more about this subject as it has consumed countless hours of my life, but I will let the art and gallery do the speaking. I am only a witness, and piece of a larger global movement that daily continually inspires me. Thank you to Mark Lyken for curating this event, and allowing myself as an artist as well as collaborator to be part of this. We will be making the trek to Glasgow to meet so many of the artists that we have showcased and admired since our inception. This will be a important event, and if you are lucky enough to be within the area I strongly suggest making the trip. This is something you wont want to miss.


“Opening on 1st of July 2011, 7-10pm, Scotland’s Recoat Gallery will host the UK’s first comprehensive “Graffuturism” Exhibition titled “Rudimentary Perfection”. The exhibition pulls together an impressive group of notable international artists linked by their innovative spirit & shared graffiti heritage. The project has been heralded as one of the finest of its kind to take place anywhere in the world this year.

Each of these artists has ventured down unique paths in their post graffiti output & each offers a radical take on expressive, figurative & letter-based abstraction. These works, while differing in approach & execution retain the sense of movement, assured marks & imperfect beauty of graffiti itself.

The participating artists include She One, Duncan Jago, Jaybo Monk, Matt W. Moore, Augustine Kofie, Nawer, Morten Andersen, Poesia, Derm, and Mark Lyken.”

Opening Night. Fri 1st July. 7-10pm
Show runs from 2nd to the 31st July 2011.

Recoat Gallery
323 North Woodside Road
Glasgow, United Kingdom
+44 (0) 141 341 0069