We gave you a sneak peak of one of the featured paintings in Remi Rough and Stormie Mills recent exhibition titled “Selected Moments” at Unit 44. Here is a more in depth post and recap of the artwork and mural installation. I have also included a video that explains the process and idea behind the show as Danny Hughes explains how all the work is made in Newcastle at Unit 44. The idea and concept to host artists to paint all the artwork for a show on location, and also have them paint a wall is a perfect fit for these artists. Unit 44 is making a great contribution to the scene by not only giving the artists the opportunity to have a show, but also approaching things from a fresh perspective. Having professional photographers like David Bilbrough shoot film and Polaroid images might seem like a small perk, but In my eyes creating a environment of creative processes and collaboration pushes the project that much higher. Remi and Stormie collaborating not only on the wall but also on all the paintings was a big step to take. Not only do artists have to trust each other and play off each others style, but they also must understand and come to terms with each others work. Allowing each artist to push and pull each others strengths out through collaboration is one of the hardest things to do as an artist, especially when painting fine art paintings. Luckily Remi and Stormie go far back and have a deep history painting together, they were able to transition well into working collaboratively. Again I am very impressed not only with the overall work in the exhibition, but also the way Unit 44 is setting up these projects with Artists and creating some very original collaborations between the whole team. Great Job.