If you haven’t come across the work of Russian Graffiti Artists Wais and Trun, or their TAD crew recently, you have been missing out. Rising stars in the scene, Wais and Trun are pushing some of the most original and innovative graffiti at the moment. I have been watching their work over the last year, and have seen it evolve dramatically. Very good technically and with great design and color sense, they have put all the pieces together. They are creating amazing walls and dramatic mural installations. The duo has really stepped into the zone, as their rendered 3d slick style has began to gain a really nice flow and style. Style is King as some say and although Wais and Trun have been great painters for awhile, they definitely recently are pushing into new territory stylistically. I can only imagine in a year what the work of this duo and the TAD crew will look like and progress to. We will keep you posted.