Smash 137 is opening a new exhibition, as well as releasing a new silkscreen limited edition print at the Grid Gallery in Switzerland. Smash was kind enough to send me a couple of behind the scene shots of the show. As you know we interviewed smash here, and he is personally one of my favorite graffiti artists in the scene. The catalog that he shared with me looks amazing, some quality shots an pics of his amazing work and travels. If your in the area be sure to support Smash 137 and if your not buy a print through their store.


“To complete its second season, GRID is pleased to receive the Swiss artist Smash 137 throughout the summer. Smash vit et travaille à Bâle, où il débute le graffiti en 1990 en parallèle à des études en design graphique à Zürich. Smash lives and works in Basel, where he started graffiti in 1990 in parallel with studies in graphic design in Zurich. Adepte d’une calligraphie libérée, il travaille la lettre jusqu’à l’abstraction et a fait sa renommée en peignant des murs de nombreuses villes de l’Europe aux États-Unis, en passant par l’Australie et le Brésil. Released a calligraphy enthusiast, he works the letter to abstraction and made his reputation by painting the walls of many cities of Europe to the United States, via Australia and Brazil. Il a rejoint en 2002 la « Montana Writer Team » et a participé à de multiples collaborations tout en perfectionnant son travail et exposant peintures et installations dans de nombreuses galeries. He joined in 2002 the Montana Writer Team and has participated in numerous collaborations while developing its work and exposing paintings and installations in numerous galleries. “