While looking over some recent pictures of mural installations in Poland, I came across the work of Kenor. I had been familiar with Kenor’s work before randomly through the internet, but I had not put the name to the Art. I was able to get some more pictures from Kenor and was also linked to his site. Kenor’s work massive in scale in his most recent Murals, caught my eye immediately. I was drawn to the movement and shifting of color and form that he uses in his walls and canvases. If Kandinsky, Klee, or Miro were to paint walls they might have breathed some of the same life that Kenor’s work brings. Very powerful use of color, and strong structured line work are the strengths of his work. His ability to transform walls into works of art is not just a cliche with this artist. As murals are becoming part of the architecture and streets it is important for the artist to leave something that will stand the test of time, Kenor delivers. We look forward do showcasing more work from Kenor in the future. Till then enjoy.


“Kenor, 1976. Started painting in 1990, son of a sevillan painter and photographer, emerged into street art in the late eighties and decided to transport and give his art to the city of L’Hospitalet and later Barcelona; walls, trains, free and moving art. Kenor is fascinated for typography and logos, experimenting with letters without a prototype.

In the early 2000 is when he starts to discover all what he had inside to share, “color, life, eyes, clouds, parallel worlds, dreams, hope, illusion, the town, corners, the smell, laughs, light, touching with your eyes closed”

Sensations…Emotions…Different visions of an ironic path. Doubt, options and exits. Forgetting where’s north or south?

Influential dimensions joining the path between time and space. There’s a window that never ends… Is it his exit? Infinite?

Disoriented I see the different faces of the universe… Absurd visions and perspectives reflect in front of it….

Creating the expectation of traveling through walls where change and incoherence play with us… The distortion of space gives the receptor infinite possibilities… The protagonist falls, capable of choosing and imagining a different dimension that helps him grow. Visions that suggest the exploration and exit of the world, recreating spaces of freedom and opening windows, gives life to destruction decorating cities until the end.”