Check out the work of German Artist Sdkaroe. Look out for Sdkaroe as his work is progressing nicely into some interesting installation and mix media pieces. His graffiti is strong, and you can see the evolution he speaks about in the artist statement below. A nice mixture of walls and paintings it looks like this artist is just warming up.


“Since I painted my first wall in 1998, I did Graffiti more or less unsteadily. But it is now a bit more than one year I have found a new passion in painting letters as artworks.

In my actual letter based works I try to dissolve the particular elements of the classic graffiti style; additionally the specific forms of the single letters are by now dissolving too. What remains is a special movement resulting from the arrangement of few characteristic forms. For me the most important terms to describe the procedure of my (in many parts unconscious) painting or the intended appearance are balance, rhythm and weight: The balance between the letters and single elements, the specific rhythm which results from the change of tension and balance (weight). One aim is to get an evenly texture of different forms of different weight.

By now I have noticed that the original letters are loosing more and more importance. The overall impression is growing importance in relation to that development. Letters are only (but they are!) a beginning. One could read this as a movement towards (or into) abstraction.”