I was blown away with these pictures today as I opened my inbox. Seeing this amazing Mural from a Recent Event in Poland painted by Autone and Tone made my day. I don’t know what it is about Polish graffiti artists, but I am really feeling the aesthetic and overall movement taking place out there right now. Some of the best abstract graffiti artists in the world in my opinion are coming out of Poland. I wish I had more to share, but I was promised more to come soon.


“Between May 16-21 in Poznań/Poland a mural festival called “Outer Spaces‘ took place. In the beginning the only artists which were planned to paint were Blu, Sam3, Remed, Erosie and Kenor. 2 weeks before the events started, I got an information that I would also be allowed to paint one wall there together with Tone from Poznań. We had met once in 2006 at a graffiti jam. Until now we have never had a chance to paint together. Our styles are completely different, so an opportunity presented itself to create something fresh. We decided to connect Tones pictorial style with my organic structure by… the very strong and aggressive geometrical composition. The place which we were painting is famous in a Poznań
club called ‘Cafe Mięsna’ (‘Butcher Cafe’). We decided to use red color and create a real abattoir on the wall. We also considered to adopt into our work the courtyards space and the floor by the entrance. This is the result.. P.S. big up to Listerine the great muralist.”