Caught these images on Clout of Sean Barton’s New exhibition at Breeze Block Gallery titled “Ritual of Re-Identification”. Really impressed with the way the show looks, Sean Barton known for his amazing sign painting and design work is able to step into these abstract paintings and have a very strong impact. Through His use of texture and layered decomposition of type, he creates a feeling of sublime. In these paintings he also entails nostalgic look into the idea of surface and identity. With the use and installation portion of bricks it is reminder and enhancement of the paintings allowing the paintings to gather weight and concrete the idea. Very well done all around. It’s great to see yet another modern abstract painter in Sean Barton be able to push the line in our culture and transition into some serious paintings. Here is a brief statement about the work in the show.


“This recent body of work is both two and three-dimensional, encompassing his passion for surface, historical sign painting and our vanishing American urban landscape. The paintings focus on memories of a past aesthetic – a place where brick, stone and paint prevailed, before synthetics and plastics.”