Here are some of the works from the Recent Exhibition at Flatcolor Gallery titled Letter/Form. When i saw the flier a couple of weeks back I knew this was going to be a great show with that lineup. Joker, Art Chantry, Mike Giant, Greg Lamarche, Codak, Nick Adam, Jesse Edwards, Gwiz, Japhy Witte, Do-It, Zach Rockstad, and Shawn Wolfe. The  gallery statement “a group exhibition showcasing the work of local and national artists who use the letterform as their subject matter or inspiration” truly lived up to its name. A nice mix of Abstract work, Sign Art, Poster Art, and Graphic Design. As a whole the work complimented each other well with the mix of styles. The scope, mixture of mediums, and approaches of each artist came together great through the common use of the Letter. The foundation for some, the basic ingredient and starting point for others, the letter is the truth. It’s great to see Galleries and Curators bring very different artists together and reflect upon such a sacred blueprint to our culture the letter. The ability for the artists to take the letter/form into several different directions is well documented in this group show.  Nice job all around. All pictures courtesy of Flatcolor Gallery