“When art leaves the frame and the written word leaves the page, not merely the physical frame and page but the frames and pages that assign the categories. A basic disruption of reality itself occurs, the literal realization of art. Success will write apocalypse across the sky”

William S. Burroughs – dead city radio

The city is a complex place, a matrix network of human beings desperately trying to hold on to identity and a sense of belonging. To find such comfort day by day is a privilege, but to utilize this environment by means of fusing with it can be both liberating and alienating at the same time. There is an uphill struggle amongst all of this between renegades looking for an available surface to contact and leave their signature, mark or commentary. To feel you have a voice and identity in the most conservative metropolis is so easily tarnished in the cesspit of artistic ego’s, all directed at that very same goal post.

The Movement of arrows and color rubs against itself until the concrete grows tired of the chemical color saturating its skin. To continue repeating the same methodical routine and banging that cellulose or acrylic on the same piece of wall only to be replaced by your peer tomorrow, only defeats the purpose. In the battle of entropy versus the ego, there is only one winner but to transcend this only for a moment could possibly enlighten you for infinity.

“The letters are off the wall” = Rammellzzee

It is said that what is public domain is everybody’s, so I’m going to joyride it. Use whatever material is readily available, then experiment with ways to maximize its potential and ex=potential . HyperType – Wildstyle taken to its limits making it harder for you to calibrate – cardboard cut into space and opening dimensions to see further beyond word. SMPTE Color Bars. Juxtaposed within metaphysical geometry broadcasting my signature signal against the greyscale city lines. Trouble shoot this syntax, it doesn’t even matter if you can read it. It is only my way of saying join up the vectors and try to understand, it’s just me trying to find a little corner out here and show you something a bit different from what you might be used to…… A Lo-Fi Herve bionic adding and subtracting, regenerating the discarded into spectrums of wildstyle transmissions in the very heart of our cities.

Part2ism May 2011

pictures courtesy of Paolo Madonna (Unusual Image) & Petra Paness