Check out this video and also the work of Jan Kaleb also know as Point or Cakes. Very rounded artist with roots in painting graffiti. Transitioning into some very nice sculptural pieces as well as abstract paintings and walls. Very nice work look forward to seeing what the finished gallery work looks like. We will keep you updated.


“Kaláb 33 “Crossing planets” is the solo exhibition of abstract paintings by Jan Kaláb at Trafacka which will take place in June 2011 at the Trafačka ( in the hall and also in Trafo gallery ). Number 33 is paraphrase to exhibitions Sykora 90 and Dokoupil 100. Also the autor will turn 33 years in June. Crossing planets is the name of a painting and define the theme which is in the paintings.”

exhibition of Jan Kaláb aka Point & Cakes
Crossing of Planets (Křížení planet)
Trafačka, Prague – Czech Republic
June 2011