I was able to stop by 941 Geary as they were closing and opening “The Indoor Mural Project”. I had heard small bits of information about the project from fellow artists, and social media outlets. Somehow i missed the press release on the whole concept of the project, but after reading the statement below i was able understand it a little better. I wish i would have stopped by earlier and seen some of the in progress murals, and also have been able to see the artists interact and paint. I really like the idea and concept behind the show.

The final artist list included Lorenzo Masnah, Erik Floss, Erik Otto, Apex, Neon, Chor Boogie, Hush, Hugh Leeman, Blek la Rat, Augustine Kofie, Damon Soule, Casey Gray, Chad Hasegawa, Skinner, D Young V, Brett Amory, Eddie Colla, Eine, Chris Blackstock, and Akut.

It was good to see Team Montana get down on a nice wall, Kofie killed it as he always does. The Hush wall had some great detail and texture. I think Damon Soule and Chad Hasegawa really pulled off some nice pieces as well. It was also good to see Eine put down the stencil and get back to some traditional graffiti letters with his “While you were sleeping” piece. I was a little let down overall more due to the fact that I really think this was an opportunity to pull off a memorable show with the space and concept. The collaborative walls were the best as the artists that worked within a confined space seemed a bit contained and stifled in such a large environment. I think the organic process of collaborating and creating concepts on the fly with great artists is missing in today’s exhibitions on Graffiti and Street Art. Moca was a perfect example of what is possible. It is good to see an attempt here at 941 Geary to move into this direction with this project. The installation built of newspaper boxes by Eddie Colla offered a glimpse of some of the possibilities of the space. I hope this is an ongoing project, and we can see some more exhibits in this great space in the future.


“The Indoor Mural Project will be a living, multi-layered exhibition where street art enthusiasts are invited to observe the progression and transformation of a contemporary gallery space by some of the most exciting artists working today. During the exhibition, 941 Geary will operate as a 3,000-square-foot blank canvas for the selected artists to use as a starting point to build, collaborate and riff off of each other’s work organically. The Indoor Mural Project aims to energize the clean, formal space of the gallery with an infusion of movement, action, reaction and a generous amount of spray paint fumes (courtesy of Montana Colors).”