There is something beautiful about watching an artist transition and and push into new areas with their work. There are times when deconstruction and minimal ideas create larger ideas and allow for broader audiences. I see Vermin‘s transition from letterform into a new form of fields of color, fluctuating brushstrokes and the sublime, as natural and almost necessary. Vermin’s abstract graffiti and loose work already had consisted of many of the qualities of these new works. Watching the ideas become paintings pushes them into a new deeper context that can be felt with each and every brushstroke or lack there of.


The whole series of new work will be published on Art-el Online Gallery on April 12th. Here is a brief excerpt from the catalog. “After facing so many demons in his last body of work the soothing process has seen him return to Cornwall, the heart of the rural South West to photograph and muse in the grounds of St Laurence’s institution, where he spent some dark days after his sectioning. As a result the new body of work is intertwined with subtle nuances of imagery along with brushstrokes, line work and impasto, that on first glance is instantly more calm and calculated than the hectic and disturbing chaos that was so evident in his previous work.”