Here are new pictures of Boris “Delta” Tellegen’s recent exhibition. The opening was part of the warm up to the World Minimal Music Festival in Amsterdam. Immense in Scale his installation creates an intense impression on the observer. Floating plates of material, form, and minimal color all constructed into large scale sculptures. Floating in midair the work creates a tension of weight adding another dimension to his already 3dimensional work. If you have observed Delta’s work evolve over the years you have seen him push graffiti into new territories as a true pioneer of the art form. Decades of progression removed from his older 3d pieces of the nineties, this new group of work echoes some of the aesthetics and forms that delta is famous for. He strips away the letter form for form itself and instead of wild style burners now creates intricate real life sculptures immersed in controlled chaos. Layer upon layer he builds a beautiful composition of work with building materials, almost a sculptural 3d version of his amazing collages. For the graffiti purists that might want to see another graffiti piece from Delta, I would say that this new work is a true and natural progression from his older work and lends to his legacy as a true pioneer not only as a graffiti writer but as a contemporary artist. Without any need to be confined, or be inspired by letter form Delta is able to create something fresh and new with endless possibilities and mediums to work with. We look forward to watching what is next for this legend.


Subduction Zones

Thu 16 Mar to Mon 25 April 2011″