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This is a bit of an Artist Feature/Preview of some new work from the artist Steve More. He will be exhibiting in a 2 man show next month with Remi Roughe. I was first introduced to Steve’s work in the agents of Change group show in 2009. I was drawn to his abstract style and visual use of texture that added a 3d dimension in his work. Steve More’s work reminds me at times of some images u might find in an old typographers workshop. I think of a crafted painter when i look at these pieces, something that was weathered and formed into being. With so many slick painters nowadays pushing out hyperized styles its refreshing to see some craft in a fine art environment.


Here is an excerpt from there Coming Show “A” “Steve More’s work has a tactile quality that is derived from the surfaces in his environment. Found and discarded materials are assimilated into pixels, questioning how the computer age affects our perceptions of time and place. His work is meticulously crafted using the forming and subsequent erosion of materials as an important part of the process. In contrast, Remi’s work is less premeditated and more concerned with immediacy of the moment.

The title for the show ‘A’ holds a significant meaning for both artists: It symbolizes new beginnings and heralds a coming of age. It also gives a nod to their past muse: Letter form (A being the first letter of the alphabet). It also bears light on the ‘Abstract’ world in which they convey their ‘Art’, and their ‘Avant garde’ attitude with which they produce it.”

Event Info

Tuesday, February 1 · 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Location Blackall Studios
73A Leonard Street
London, United Kingdom