I had the pleasure of making it out to the opening of Retna’s new show Silver Lining held in Miami’s Design district for Primary Flight. I have watched Retna’s work evolve for over a decade now, and to see him reach the prestige and recognition that he has gives me hope that the Art world sometimes can get it right. I can tell you all about what Retna’s work might mean or theorize about the reasoning behind some of his new work, but i would rather explain what it means to me. Retna’s trademark hand style and amazing painting skills are always a reason to appreciate his work. What moves me is his ability to capture our culture as a graffiti artist without having to deviate from his work. The conceptual part of bringing graffiti into a gallery has been lost of late. The installation of a room of tags in this show is very powerful in my opinion. When we look back and are remembered for our history it will be installations like this one, and artists like Retna that will have documented a culture that at times water downs its art as it enters a gallery. I give Retna much respect and praise for not only giving us these beautiful paintings but also documenting for us a true testament of what graffiti is.



Primary Flight