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What can i say, Art Basel & Primary Flight 2010 was an event that i wont forget. Great art, great graffiti, and great times with some of the best writers in the world, not to mention the perfect weather and very attractive women floating around everywhere you seemed to look. I will definitely miss Miami after this trip. Over the last couple of months the names and events seemed to grow by the day as it seemed like this was going to be an event to remember. I was not disappointed. With Spanish Montana Paint shipping over 6000 cans to satisfy all the Graffiti artists appetites, and Primary Flight providing countless walls, enough scissor lifts and flood lights to keep everyone painting into the midnight hours empty lots turned into Hall of Fame type of Yards. It was good to see a huge turnout of talented Graffiti artists painting on every surface imaginable in Miami’s Design district. I wasn’t very impressed with what seemed like an overwhelming amount of street artists that showed up to share the walls with the graffiti artists. I think the Graffiti held its ground in this event and it was the graffiti murals not the stencils that stole the show this year. Not knocking street art, but it has been awhile since i have seen anything of importance and with 10 blogs for every work an artist seems to do i think they have saturated themselves with some very mediocre work as of late.

Here are some of the hundreds of pieces that went up over the week in Miami. I will say that it was good to see some artists push some new styles and ideas. Graffuturism was alive in Miami as the paradigms continue to shift, talented artist’s pushed their own limits as well as that of our Artform. It was also great to see some legends out making sure everyone knows foundation is a key to any building. Good times with everyone i got to meet and paint with. I will be posting some more updates in the next couple of days. One last thing i will say is that i noticed there was a clear push into some more Abstract ideas and concepts from many artists, and i was surprised as i was intrigued as to where this might lead. Looks like 2011 is going to be a very interesting year.