Origami Redo

Replete Detail


Vapourous Visions


Leeds 2009

Skid Redo

Motion Redo


Replete Engine Redo

When I first saw the work of Replete I was immediately drawn to his ability to break down form with his geometric shapes, yet still create an organic look with straight edges. It is the small nuances that I am drawn too as the movement of his work flows well with his chosen images. I’m not trying to be an art critic or get too deep, but its hard not too when viewing Repletes work. When I look at the work of Replete you can see where Graffiti is progressing and that as we move into this new age of style we are going to be continually confronted with new ways of approaching painting and the new artists taking us there.

Here is a quick Bio on the Artist Replete. 


“For the last two decades Replete has been sprinkling pigment, pushing pixels and tweaking speakers. He was a video game artist for 10 years working on over 15 games including Street-fighter 2, Final Fight, Road Rash, working for the likes of Nintendo, Sega, Sony and Capcom. Progressing into the hurly burly of the music industry lending his skills to projects of hip hop AV pioneers Coldcut and their record label Ninja Tune.

Replete indulges in the arcane arts of graffiti, creeping around derelict environments doing illegal makeovers and remodeling unloved and forgotten spaces to add a spot of color to the lives of the twisted denizens who dwell in and around. A member of the ramshackle, prolific assembly of creative misfits the TPN Crew, that propel their solvent salvos throughout Europe.”

Here are some links to more work from Replete
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