“Keith Hopewell aka Part2ism is one of the UK’s leading contemporary street artists and when approached by newly established gallery AtomRooms to curate an exhibition, he decided to go straight to the root of his influences.

His group show “The Architects” features some of London’s most important artists who emerged from the original generation of graffiti artists in the 1980s. The show will highlight how Pride, SheOne, Prime and Fuel have bridged the gap from their early days as graffiti artists to their current status as fine artists with works ranging from charcoal, metalwork, graphic illustration to paint and aerosol on canvas. AtomRooms will offer for sale original works, together with fine art giclée prints, posters and postcards.

Open to the public from 24th September 2010 to 3rd October 2010, the exhibition will look at these four individual artists who have always pushed the envelope and at where their new work bridges the gap between what they created in the past and the fine art they produce today.”

If your are anywhere near this event you need to make the trip to see this show curated by Part2ism paying tribute to the Architects of the UK graffiti scene. With the numerous gallery events that are showcasing the new wave of street artists, it is good to see Part2 pay homage to some of the legends that helped shape the scene.