I don’t know what it is about Poland and Great abstract artists, but it seems like the country is a breeding ground for these great artists. We introduce to you Nawer another very talented Polish Artist whose aesthetic and abstract approach to architecture is very impressive. His use of color as well as his compositions work well with the walls and environments he paints them in. It seems that more and more as we run across these other artists from around the world that share this common aesthetic and overall similarities that i am starting to get the feeling that there might just be something to Jung’s Archetype theory. Here is a brief Bio, you can also see more Nawer’s his work in the links below.

“NAWER Architect, designer, street artist, graduate of Architecture and Urbanism program in Krakow. Has been involved with street art since the mid 90’s. In 2003, began to devote time between painting and freelancing in interior design. Created Artde7 Studio in 2006, with a focus on interior and graphic design, along with scenography. Creativity stems toward isometric graphics as extant of public and functional spaces. Interior spatiality is described as a blend of objects within space, while painting by perspective and axonometry using aerosol as a main medium. The combination of these two approaches allows a fresh take on the design of arrangement and creativity of an interior space. As his own style evolves, the goal is to always strive forward in an effort to connect painting with architecture.”

Here is his Streetfiles Profile

Here is his Behance Profile